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Beats Wireless On-Ear Headphone Review THE BEATS BY DRE-WIRELESS



If music is your thing then your best choice for quality listening is likely to be the Beats by Dre-Wireless headphones. Now being part of the Apple Empire, Beats built a reputation for producing quality headphones that was too irresistible to ignore for the largest global media device manufacturer.

Beats Electronics was originally founded by Jimmy Iovine and the musician Dr. Dre in 2006. They set out to produce a quality product and used their connections in the music industry to promote the company. By 2010 they had sold 50.1% of the company for over $300 Million ot the cell phone manufacturer HTC. Still operating as an autonomous company with a hands approach in 2012 they first developed their original products having previously created products via a joint venture with the Australian electronics company Monster Cable; Beats Executive for headphones and Beats Pill, a speaker.

Beats products are developed specifically with the music listener in mind but are best suited to music that contains a heavy emphasis of the bass line, most notably hip-hop and drum bad bass styles of popular music would benefit from the Beats design. The original sales pitch was that Beats products are for the music first and that most other styles of headphones will distort how the composer actually wanted his music to be heard whereas Beats products gave a much purer sound.

The Beats by Dr. Dre wireless headphones are both stylish and give quality sound that come with a number of features. This model is an updated version of the Solo 2 model and visually is very similar. It is essentially the same moulded plastic head set with slightly larger cups that house the extended life battery, power button, the connectivity for wireless Bluetooth and the logo cunningly disguises the control panel for volume and track selection. They are light in weight with a degree of flexibility.

There are a number of models for the wireless style Beats headphone. Features in include a Bluetooth range of thirty feet for connecting to a paired device and there is an additional mode that adjusts the background noise level which is known as Adaptive noise cancelling mostly for use whilst travelling. The rechargeable battery has a twelve hour life with a meter to show the current amount of power left. A good accessory is the ability to take phone calls as hands free utilising the in-built microphone                                                               . 

The traditional criticism of beats products is directed at being overpriced for the sound quality that is on offer with a concentration on style rather than substance. The latest range of The Beats by Dr. Dre wireless headphones is closer to being a better balance product than before. A greater range of sound creates a better all-round experience for the consumer. With a prior emphasis on percussion and the bass beat a better clarity for other more tonal instruments comes through making these headphones more suitable for a wider landscape of musical listening.
Beats technology is moving forward with the possibility of a more value for money for the consumer with less reliance on brand placement and a better listening experience in the future.


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