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Best Headphones under $100



Best Headphones under $100


Do you want something to rock you on with least in your pocket? Not every headphone can be the right choice for you but many ones may just be out of sight. You just need to dig out what could be the one to suit both your requirements and budgets. Everyone looks after a rocking bang for the money least spent. This is where most of the guys look for the best headphones under 100 dollars.

Currently getting more out of the less is the right shopping rule and the same applies towards buying the right headphone. A headphone is nothing less than a boasting accessory that is ready to bring a rocking bang to your boring life while you’re falling a prey to the loneliness. Don’t go for the cheaper and low quality headphones that have come with your music gadget. Invest a little amount of money into your music passion and opt for the best headphones under 100USD

How to come up with Best Headphones under 100 Dollars

Well before you go ahead with some of the best headphones under 100 dollars, we need to take a sneak peek view of what you might need to check with while buying a good headphone within your budget. There are some particular features you won’t be ready to do away with. Let’s find out what they are. Here we go:

  • Evaluate Your Budget!

The very first thing to consider while buying the best headphones under 100 dollars is the price. You should evaluate your budget as to how much you are ready to pay for the thing you have in your mind. Usually expensive things always come up with trusted quality. So, keep it in mind. 100 dollars is a good amount to shop the right headphone for you. You can further check the price range between 50 to 100 as well.

  • Is it Earbuds or Headphones?

People looking to enjoy music on the go usually opt for the earbuds as they’re good to carry with. They can be managed easily as well. The stereo headphones are appropriate to be used at home. Headphones are not only good at home but you may also love to put them around your neck while on the go. So decide as to what could be the better choice.

  • Checking the Impedance!

This is very important to check with. If you are going to use your headphone with different music gadgets, you don’t need to do it but checking impedance is more than important if you have only one gadget to use your headphones with. This is checked by measuring in OHMS.


  • Love the Test Always!

If you have sorted out some of the best headphones under 100USD over the internet, you should try to test them out. Check if some of your friends have the same headphones. Go and try them and find out which suits your ears. You can also test some headphones on a local electronics store nearby.

  • Do You Need Noise Cancellation?

Noise Cancellation is a really good feature but not recommended for all. You might not need that as well. A good headphone with noise cancellation feature can go out of your budget. So, leave it if it doesn’t matter.

  • Best Headphones under 100 Dollars Available on Amazon

Amazon is the right place when you are looking to grab some of the best deals as to the best headphones under 100USD. In addition to the reliability and trust offered by Amazon, you can rest assured to get the high quality sound out of your headphones. Let us find out some of the best headphones you can buy for less than 100 dollars from Amazon.

Audio-Technica ATH-M30x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones

This is the right one within the budget that is made with robust engineering and latest technology for a smoother and comfortable music listening experience. This ensures the sound isolation at an enhanced level with clearer and sharper audio quality. This headphone goes a long way in matching with the detailed audio offering strong audio definition. These headphones come out to be a good choice when it comes to studio mixing and tracking whereas portability has also been enhanced with it.

Sennheiser HD 202 II Professional Headphones (Black)

If you’re a DJ, this headphone under 100 dollars can be a good choice to go with. Total harmonic distortion is assured being less than 0.5%. Deep bass response with crystal clearer audio conforms to the music listening standards. It is ideally manufactured for the pro users as they can remove the ear cups as well. With the impedance of 30 Ohm and a Y styled 10 feet long cable, it can be paired with almost all of the great music gadgets. For a DJ, this is a technically built hi-fi and dynamic version of headphone.

Symphonized Wraith Premium Genuine Wood Headphones

Get a touch of the real world into the music with these awesome headphones available on Amazon. They are handcrafted headphones with a very good noise cancellation feature. Experience the out of world audio quality with stronger and deeper bass. You get two separate cords with this headphone where one has microphone with it. All of the latest generation gadgets like ipod, iphone, etc are matched with that. Exceptional acoustic features deliver an unparalleled music listening experience. The natural wood exterior and interior would give you a really cool feel as well.

Sound Intone I65 Foldable Headphones

Whether you want to enjoy music while traveling or jogging, you are certainly going to love this one of the best headphone under 100 dollars. High quality noise cancellation ensures you grab crystal clear sound even when you are in the rushed area. The pads are quite comfortable on your ears. Inline volume controls give you options to control it with a greater ease. It is compatible to work with all of the latest mobiles, mp3 players, tablets, etc.

Audio-Technica ATH-M30 Closed-Back Headphones

Ideally manufactured for DJs, this is the right choice when it comes to mixing with a stronger deep bass. High definition audio quality is ensured with longer sessions of comfortable studio listening. Even at the higher volumes, this headphone makes it sure to deliver superior isolation. Home reformists and studio engineers love these best headphones under 100 dollars.


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