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Denon AH-W150BK Exercise Freak In-Ear Headphones Review


Denon AH-W150BK Exercise Freak In-Ear Headphones Review

Denon ah-w150 wireless

The Denon ah-w150 wireless fitness headphones have the middle position in the trio of Sony’s “extra bass” headphones. As is suggested by the name, Sony created these headphones to eject very low-end answers while additionally offering great performance through the remainder of the frequency range.

The Denon ah-w150 wireless ¬†fitness design is 100% hip-hop and clearly aimed straight at young customers who likely drive vehicles full of giant subwoofers and amps. The ear cups are simply huge. The pads are almost 2″ thick and are nearly 4″ in diameter. It must be confessed though that they are very comfortable, and if you are not concerned with the weird looks you will receive while you have them on, then you could wear them for days without being tired of them.

The model is pretty good looking and stylish. It is also compact and available with a carry case. It has ear cups along with soft pads, that gives overall great sound quality. It is most useful for those who travel or are using a holiday. It costs around 300 dollars. Sony’s very first model Denon ah-w150 instant fitness reduces background sound by 70%. It uses neodymium magnets to supply sound and has a dual-jack of in-flight new music services.

If you are able to look beyond the beanbag ear pads, the remainder of the headphone is extremely fashionable. I particularly like the classy outline. The broad black headband ends at the driver with silver circles that are concentric, and this assists in minimizing visual heft. The Sony logo also complements the styling as opposed to taking away from it which frequently happens. Generally, I am not in favor of headphones with cords on every driver as they have a tendency to constantly be in the way; however these headphones would not look good without them. All in all, these headphones look extremely awesome.

Listening to the Denon ah-w150 wireless ¬†fitness is likely precisely as you would expect it to be. The bass is outstanding and played very deep to the point where it would be a little unsettling. It feels as if in some way Sony was able to fit a 15″ subwoofer into the headphones; maybe that is the reason that they require such huge cushions. The frequency response is down rated to 4Hz and though they played deep, I am confident they do not go that deep; yet I have no method of actually calculating the results. The remainder of the performance of the headphone was truly hard to assess as the bass just overpowers everything. Some acoustic music was played through these Sony Headphones and it sounded very good, however even in that instance I wanted a button to slightly reduce the volume on the low frequencies. The midrange performance was slightly flatter than anticipated and the treble even sounded slightly rolled off, however this was likely because of the large contrast with the bass.

The Denon ah-w150 wireless fitness headphone does precisely what it guarantees. It offers incredible bass performance in a fashionable well constructed item. If you happen to be a bass head then the Denon ah-w150 wireless fitness is going to be a wish becoming reality.

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