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Sennheiser MM 400-X Wireless Bluetooth Travel Headphones Review


Sennheiser MM 400-X Wireless Bluetooth Travel Headphones

This is a Bluetooth headphone pair that is very portable. This wireless headphone is really the cheapest one of this type that you can find in the market. If you are a gadget freak then you may really find it awesome to buy and use this headphone. It does have all the charm and features in it which makes it a perfect one to be used for you to listen to the sounds that you love.


This is the headphone that is of lightweight and can be packed for including in the travel with the battery and the cable. It can be really very light and also something which consumes less space. It is also the device which is the best to consider as entertainment system. MM 400-x is the kind of the headphone which is really much awesome not only for the sound but also for portability. The usage of Bluetooth, portability and also awesome audio are things which have made this an awesome one. The warranty that you get for this headphone which is for about two years is another amazing thing related with this headphone. The ear cushions are padded and are also very soft & comfortable to use. This headphone is also something that is very light and you may forget that you are wearing headphones. It is possible for controlling the music that is both the playlists as well as volume with the help of these headphones.

It is really easy for pairing the headphones with the music source.You also get integrated microphone with the headphone which makes you enjoy music and will not make you miss the phone calls too. You get a USB cable with the headphones which you can use for recharging it. If you are going to have a journey for a long time without proper chances for charging. It is possible for you to even carry the spare battery with you. It is something which can make you feel really good in that in the best way for you. There are chances for you to actually have the best kind of way for having great way. There are chances for you to even have the best kind of recordings too in that. It is the last word for you to have fun. There are chances for you to use Bluetooth too in the best way possible with it.

Audio Quality

It is the headphone that has got bandwidth which is maximum. It is suitable for better and awesome quality videos. It is something that provides you with wireless connection but in the best way possible. It can make you enjoy the time in the best way possible with your music.


It is a highly portable and the best kind of the headphone. You need not have to use any wires also with it. It makes you enjoy the music well.


The charge of the battery may not be so good and ensure that you make use of the headphone with care.

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