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Sony MDR1ABT/S Hi-Res Bluetooth Stereo Over-Ear Headphones Review


Sony MDR1ABT/S Hi-Res Bluetooth Stereo Over-Ear Headphones Review

Sony’s MDR-1ABT is the first in ear headphone that uses noise cancellation to enhance a PSP, PlayStation, or Xbox gamer’s sound experience and drastically cuts our noise. The advanced artificial intelligent noise canceling system monitors and analyzes ambient noise around you. It then uses this to select the best anti noise profile to block out the unwanted noise. It is all automatic with no need to select different noise cancellation modes while you are listening. As a result this produces clear and detailed music with an impressive 96% reduction in noise.

Not just do the hearing phones have fantastic noise cancellation but they also have terrific hi-fi performance sound which is exclusive to Sony. The Master Electronic Amplifier commands an audio stage with any sort of music input. Consequently produces sounds that are clear and very detailed. There are about three sound modes available which are film, base, and regular. Each fine track the frequency to suite your individual listening preference. It’s further enhanced by simply smooth sounds as well as powerful bass. The treble sounds had been nice, clean, as well as crisp.

They are directory in ear design headphones that are actually very cozy for long jamming sessions. Plus there’re powered by a new triple A battery which includes 20 hours regarding power. The Sony MDR-1ABT has not been released. Expected released date is good for October 2009. To date no price has been provided. These really are a great pair of headphones to work with on the PSP xbox 360 which Sony also manufactures.

Sony happens to be up-to-date with technology plus it had made modifications for the headphones and and thus became known throughout the world for bringing the particular world’s first digital camera noise cancelling headsets buds in 2006. The equipments manufactured by Sony have always improved as time passes starting with brilliance from 50% and achieving it right up until 99%. It has always shown which the company craves pertaining to perfection, to bring satisfaction to it is customers.

Listening on the SONY MDR-1ABT is likely precisely as you’d expect it to become. The bass is usually outstanding and enjoyed very deep concise where it would have been a little unsettling. It feels as if somehow Sony was competent to fit a 15″ subwoofer into the headphones; maybe that is the reason that they require such huge soft cushions. The frequency reply is down performing to 4Hz as well as though they enjoyed deep, I am confident they can’t go that deep; yet I don’t have a method of actually calculating the outcomes. The remainder with the performance of this headphone was truly hard to assess for the reason that bass just overpowers everything. Some acoustic songs was played by way of these Sony Headphones and it sounded very great, however even for the reason that instance I wanted a button to slightly slow up the volume on the lower frequencies. The midrange effectiveness was slightly flatter than anticipated and also the treble even seemed slightly rolled down, however this was likely because of the large contrast with all the bass.

The SONY MDR-1ABT headphone does what precisely it guarantees. It provides incredible bass performance within a fashionable well made item. If you happen to be a bass head then the SONY MDR-1ABT will be a wish becoming reality.

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